Elina Mir

 Artist Elina Mir - Palette Boutique - Art Home decor accessories Women Accessories and moreElina began her professional career working at the Astro Research Institute in Yerevan, Armenia as an engineer. In the 1990s she reached her dream of working as a journalist. During those years, Elina’s earlier works were published in the popular Zrutsakits weekly magazine, and later in the Hayastan daily newspaper. Her critical articles were loved and valued by many readers since they reflected her country’s hardships during those years. 

The author’s small novels and stories have been published in her first book, When All Doors Close, which contains a message of hope and positive reflections within its pages. In 1994, Elina moved with her family to Glendale, California, where she currently resides. Living on the other side of the ocean, she has not stopped loving and thinking about her motherland’s future.

In recent years, Elina has also started painting. Abstract art and mixed media have fully captivated her. As an experimental artist, Elina creates unique series art with mixed media. Each season, she picks a theme and creates several one-of-a-kind pieces within that series, never repeating a look once it has already been created. A portion of proceeds from the sales of her art are donated to charitable efforts. 

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